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Phoenix, Arizona, √Čtats-Unis

United States 5 days - May 2019


When looking for potential vacations spots, Phoenix is not normally at the top of a list. But Phoenix is a unique place that has plenty to offer. Because of the stereotype of it being burning hot throughout the year (which is semi true), many people feel cautious when considering it a place to explore. Obviously it might not be best to come during a time of year when it’s blistering hot, but even if you do there are plenty of things to do and see. Whether you are more active or you like to unwind with some of the most amazing food in the Southwest, Phoenix has you covered. Here’s a short list of some great things to do when visiting Phoenix.

Old Town Scottsdale

If food and an established nightlife is something you’re looking for, Old Town Scottsdale is the best place to do it. Old Town Scottsdale is an area a few blocks south from Fashion Square on Scottsdale Road. It’s home to a wide variety of mom and pop stores in addition to a selection of bars and restaurants. Most of the stores in the area feature Native American or Southwest based art and it’s somewhat of a hub for collecting items of this nature. Besides the shopping selection, Old Town Scottsdale has plenty of options for dining and drinking as well. The local brewing scene is strong and has a great selection of things to try in addition to pairing it with food. Look for places that advertise having local beers if that’s what you’re into.

Old Town is also known for its nightlife. After around 8 o’clock on the weekends the area takes on a new energy. Some of it is people going out after having dinner or exploring other things to do in the city. Whether it’s “hole in the wall” bars or nightclubs, Old Town has a range of places to explore if you’re looking to have a drink or two.

Camelback Mountain

The mountains surrounding Phoenix contribute to some of its iconic desert landscape. Camelback mountain is one of the most accessible in the valley as it’s somewhat central to the metropolitan area. It’s not as treacherous as something further north and is great for people looking to kill an hour or two. It has 2 different trails, one of them being more difficult, the other more family friendly. Be sure to hydrate if you go! The heat can really take it out of you, even if you’re going on the easier trail. Parking can be a fiasco as well. Mid-mornings on weekends as well as holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas can make it difficult to find a parking spot so plan ahead if that’s when you think you want to go.

Spring Training Games

A good balance to the destructively hot weather is that Phoenix has very pleasant weather when it’s not summertime. Several MLB teams have decided to take advantage of the incredible weather here and have made outdoor stadiums in Arizona their home base. The newest stadium at Salt River Fields has become somewhat of an attraction. It’s located nearby The Pavilions shopping center which has seen its own growth since the addition of the baseball stadium. It has shopping, food, and even a movie theater if you’re looking for something to do before or after a spring training game. A great all day event if you’re looking for food and entertainment.

Car Shows

Phoenix has managed to establish itself as somewhat of a hub for car shows. The most notable and nationally recognized of these is the Barrett-Jackson. It is a combination of both show and auction and is televised every year. Even if you’re not a car fan, it’s a great experience and is a lot of fun for all ages. It’s been going on for 47 years and has become a nationally known event for collector cars.

The Pavilions at Talking Stick were mentioned earlier. On Saturday nights there is a locally run show that is free to walk around. This car show typically features more muscle based cars and motorcycles and also provides some 50’s based music. It’s a great free thing to do in the area and you don’t have to be obsessed with cars to enjoy it. Get your heart pumping with some great cars and some fast paced action!

Phoenix is home to a wide range of things to do regardless of what you enjoy. Whether it’s trying new food, exploring the outdoors, shopping, sports, or even cars! If you can look past the warm weather it’s a great place to visit. It’s really only hot during a couple months of the year. After that it’s much more reasonable during the spring and has comfortable winters. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up buying a home in Arizona sometime soon! There are only a handful of places in the world that share the geography of Phoenix and the Sonoran Desert. Come to Phoenix and come check out what it has to offer!

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