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Villa de Leyva, Boyaca, Colombia

Colombia 1 day - April 2018






4 hours from
Mongui is Villa de Leyva a little village surrounded by mountains. We arrived by bus and saw straight away  a road sign with dinosaurs ! We still can’t figure out why !

The attraction is the main place which is apparently the biggest in Colombia.

Beautiful with white building all around and orange tiles that we can find in every Colombian village. The weather changed quickly and we got surrounded by a storm approaching and black clouds contrasting with the white little houses! Beautiful.


People from Bogota come to spend the weekend there and we can understand why: we loved the relaxed atmosphere, the local artisanal merchants , Colombian people are so friendly and we had the best hotel since the start of Colombia ! We felt regenerated and ready to attack our last week in Colombia.


Some recommendations:

# hôtel solar de la villa is great and cheap at 45,000 pesos a night

# we stayed one night and felt it was enough as it is a small village

# don’t miss it it’s lovely !


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