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Hallstatt, Austria

Austria 1 day - August 2018







We continue our trip down the Bavarian Alps and the Tyrol and decided to stop by Hallstatt. A little village know globally for its beautiful houses dominating a gigantic blue lake, it’s peaceful atmosphere, it’s Church with a beautiful bell tower and its rocky mountains. The reflection of the mountains and cute houses in the lake is amazing.

It’s like time has stopped in the tiny village and it’s easy to get lost in the little streets, visiting the little shops. It could be a doll village.


Hallstatt means “place of salt” and was the first salt mine worldwide and is today part of the Unesco World Heritage List.

We were supposed to hike up to get the best view on the villages but quickly surrendered due to the 35 degrees! Instead we had a nice picnic, soaking up the sun, contemplating the picturesque village and the swans.

Chinese found it so beautiful that they built a copy in China!


We kept being surprised by this region of Europe and couldn’t be happier to discover our beautiful continent.


Some recommandations:

#arrive early to avoid the crowds and being able to park

# you can’t drive in the village

# don’t miss it, it sure is touristy but it’s beautiful and it deserves its title.



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Sep 1, 2018 - 09:28 AM

ça c'est un pays que nous connaissons très bien, bon séjour en Autriche.