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Palolem Beach, Goa

India 7 days - November 2018







First time in our life that we almost missed a flight!

We booked 2 separate flights - 3 hours apart- from Kathmandu to Delhi and Delhi to Goa. 3 hours seem way enough to land, get the bags, go through customs and check-in for the next flight.

This was without counting landing 30 minutes late, having the bags 40 minutes later and our second plane being in another terminal 10 kms apart ...

We arrived 40 minutes before departure time to check-in...


Still recuperating from our emotions we landed in Goa. First impression: it’s hot and humid!  We gained 60 degrees compared to 3 days ago when we were at the top of Tilicho Lake.


Worst taxi driver ever... he was crazy ...

He thought he was in Fast and Furious for 45 minutes, sticking to the car in front of us, overpassing even when a car was coming in front of us. All of this until we saw a car accident and we forced him to slow down.

When we told him we liked it “slow slow” (shanti shanti !) he told us “I like it fast fast”. Ok...


We arrived at 8pm to Palolem Beach and we started looking for accomodation -we didn’t book anything beforehand.

First time lucky, we found the perfect guesthouse: Air conditioning, hot shower,big bathroom (and pure luxury: the shower is NOT on top of the toilets!), perfect wifi, big bedroom, super clean. We signed for a week ;)

We had a perfect week strolling around the beaches around (Palolem, Patnem), we shared the beach with cows (they really are on the beach!), we had amazing hipster food for a really cheap price (hello vegetarians options!), drinking coconut water out of a coconut,  we read and work (too much...) as well.

We couldn’t ask for more ! Only issue: it’s 42 degrees...! You walk a bit and you sweat, you drink and you sweat, each small move makes us sweat!

Our first encounter with an Indian beach was funny. We started walking and a lady asked Cedric “do you need a girlfriend?” hummm no thanks we will pass the offer ;) we then discovered what the Indians were wearing to go to the beach : underwear or a pair of jeans ! There is no swim wear! (The few Russians present had swim wear but were a bit too keen to get naked in front of everybody...)

One day we rented a scooter and did around 40 kilometres to discover more beaches.

On the road, all cars, scooters and Tuktuk are honking their horns to warn someone they are here, say hello to the neighbour or when they overpass someone.

Cédric tried to be local but we drove at 30 km/h and the only people we overpassed were cows, cricket players (super cliché) and a turtle (we literally overpass a turtle! Not someone who was slow, the animal!), but he still honked the horn to participate in local folklore ! Incredible India.


We discovered Agonda Beach and Cola Beach. Amazing ! Nobody there, amazing palms, sand, water. We loved it !

We tried local Goan specialties: fish curry and it was good but tooo spicy.

An amazing day, feeling free while driving around.


We also celebrated our first anniversary being digital nomads and to celebrate what did we do? We had pizzas of course!


Palolem Beach we loved you! We feel refreshed after our trek and long days in India and ready to discover another part of India: Kerala!


Some recommandations:

# we stayed at the Village Resort and we loved it ! Big bedroom, amazing bathroom, A/C, wifi. We recommend it. 2,000 INR à night

# we rented a scooter for the day : 300 INR

# we had lunch and dinner at : Nireas (super good and Hipster for less than 3e a main); Le petit Palolem (for good Rajahsyan food) and Magic Italy (for good pizza)

# Palolem was quiet as it was just the beginning of the season and we loved it ! Even more quiet is Agonda but prices are a bit higher. We loved both beaches.

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Mi-fugue, mi-raison
Nov 27, 2018 - 04:20 PM

Ahhh mais on a entendu plein de fois "shanti" en cours de yoga, sans savoir ce que ça voulait dire ! Bon même si vous conduisez le scoot "shanti", tant que vous klaxonnez, vous respectez le code de la route indien !


Christelle & Cedric
Nov 28, 2018 - 03:09 PM

C'etait chouette de vous rencontrer! Il y a un code de la route en Inde? ;)


Mar 1, 2019 - 06:57 AM

trop trop beau