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Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka 1 day - December 2018







Time to retrace our steps to Adam's Peak.

We loved the train ride and the scenery so much that we go for a ride again (if you want the truth we would have done well without this, we just arranged the planning according to the weather) .

For us the climb to Adams Peak was a start at 3am to make 1000m of positive elevation in the dark on steps of unequal dimensions (some huge!).

The climb was painful, we did not understand why we were inflicted that (and we were not alone). We got a little better after 2 hours of climb when the sun rose and we found ourselves above the clouds to observe the color changes, the lake, the mountains. Beautiful !

However for Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims Adams Peak is not just a hike to watch the sunrise, it's a pilgrimage to do once in a lifetime. Indeed at the top is a footprint that belongs to Shiva, Adam or Buddha- depending on the religion practiced by the pilgrim.

From the end of December to the end of April, thousands of people gather there.


6:30 in the morning, it is time to go down and it was longer than the climb (as usual for Christelle;))


Would we do it again? Not sure honestly but it was still a nice experience!


Some recommendations:

# we stayed at Tea Breeze Motel, good value for money

# to reach the starting city of the hike: train to Hatton then 2 buses of about 2 hours. Beware of the clever tuktuk at the exit who tell you that the last bus is gone;)

# Ascension is free

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