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Trip story: (Almost) 3 months to discover India, Nepal, Sri Lanka!

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Amanwella, Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka 5 days - December 2018






We are ready to discover a new side of Sri Lanka: the south coast and its pretty beaches!

From Udawalawe it is very easy to reach Tangalle and its surroundings: a direct bus leaves at 12:25 for the modest sum of 200 rupees (1 euro!). Sri Lanka offers the cheapest transportation since we left a year ago! And effective: just go on the main road and jump into the first bus that passes (which barely slows ...).

2 hours later and a fast driving, really fast, we arrive in Tangalle safe and sound and more particularly at Goyambokka Beach.

If Tangalle did not leave us with an unforgettable memory - very touristy, beaches less beautiful than those further south, few places to swim because the waves are powerful, VERY powerful! - we thought we had found paradise in Goyambokka Beach.

Day one spent walking on the beach, Cédric is swept by the waves, the sun is at the rendezvous, as well as the delicious Rice and curry (an assortment of vegetable curry) and prawns freshly caught.

The next day, we decide to leave this little paradise to try a walk further south to Amanwella Beach. We walk along the main road for 1 kilometer then we enter the land and 300m further, what a surprise when discovering a beach worthy of the Maldives or Seychelles (well, the idea we have of the Maldives or Seychelles because we have never been there !)

No one on the horizon, many palm trees, turquoise water, few waves, it became our paradise for the next 3 days! The luxury hotel looks nice, we took advantage of the shower available;)


Swimming, rest in the shade of coconut trees, some sunburns, work. The days are spent quickly in this small paradise so calm and authentic!

Some recommendations:

# We stayed at Deshan Homestay & Restaurant, 5,800 rupies a night. Very nice room but poor internet.

# Take a room with the air conditioning: it is hot and very humid!


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Mar 1, 2019 - 06:44 AM

plages magnifiques et le plat des bananes, c'est fub !m


Jitka Vorlíčková
Jul 14, 2019 - 05:35 AM

Ano, tato plaz je Raj. Nikde nikdo. Slunce a pohoda.