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Les Arcs, Bourg-Saint-Maurice, France

France 8 days - January 2019





Back in France for the Christmas holidays, we take the opportunity to take a break in the Northern Alps to go skiing.

It is with the mother of Christelle that we join Les Arcs for a week of skiing. Arriving small scare, there is not too much snow on the side of the road. But on the slopes everything is fine!

The sensations come back very quickly, smile on the lips we go down the slopes !

Les Arcs in addition to offering a large ski area with all types of trails, has incredible landscapes. It goes up to l’Aiguille Rouge to 3,200 meters and what a surprise: clear view of the peaks, the reliefs and high peaks remind us of Nepal. Then we saw Mont Blanc! It makes us want to try a tour of Mont Blanc one day! And as Cedric says: "We got scammed in Nepal, we walked 9 days to see some snow, here in 20 minutes of ski lifts, we are in front of Mont Blanc".

The first two days sun and not too cold (-5 degrees) then we had two days of snow - cold fog. Hard to see in front of us but we did not come for nothing: you know the people who want to make profitable their week? It's us ! Skis at the feet from 9am to 5pm ;)


Then the last two days are cold, super cold: -20 degrees felt. We do not feel our feet or our hands anymore, it's hard. But the sun is there, the sensations still good, we do not let go because it is not tomorrow that we will ski again.

Review of the falls: Cedric: 0; Christelle: 0; Marie: 2!

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