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Delphi, Grèce

Greece 3 days - September 2019









We do not leave our mountains and three hours later we are at the foot of Mount Parnassus (not the tower in Paris, the mountain!) to discover an exceptional site: Delphi. Our first feelings: the Greeks did not bother about the location and they have good taste! We are surrounded by olive trees, mountains, the sea is about thirty kilometers away. Everything is fine.

8 am, we are the first to enter the site that the Greeks have long regarded as the Centre of the world.

Temple dedicated to Apollo, it is from here that the Pythia revealed her oracle by relaying the word of Apollo. We haven’t heard anything, not the breath of a whisper, no Oracle for us!

The Greeks particularly liked these oracles - the wars never began without consulting them - and the place became very important and many buildings were added.

At the entrance of the site we can see many temples more or less standing, some with beautiful columns and then we come across the magnificent amphitheater where many parties were given. Greek good taste as always.

Then higher, a stadium where every 8 years some games took place. Weights throwing, javelin and armor races!


Further down there is the temple of Athena and its few intact columns. We are transported to another world!

After a good gyros in the city center (big love of Cédric) we drive to the other side of the valley to discover Galaxidi, a small fishing village with orange roofs. The market has just finished, the village is quiet, it's nap time it must be said. The sea is calm, the village is surrounded by mountains. Very nice.

Then to finish the day we return to our mountains and pass by Arachova. The shops have replaced the locals living here, a little bling bling for our taste.


We prefer Delphi which comes alive in the evening. The church square serves as football fields, the old people take place on the benches. Good atmosphere! To complete this sweet evening, tasting menu of moussaka, Greek yoghurt, souvlaki, baklava in the company of two French new friends. We feel good!


Some recommendations:

# We stayed in Delphi at Hotel Orfeas for 25 euros a night. A little old but very correct. Super balcony overlooking the bay and the village.

# Taverna Dion is so good. Various menus at 10 euros, all to be tasted on a beautiful terrace.

# to visit Delphi: get there at the opening of the gates at 8am. Tourist buses arrive around 9.30 am. We were alone there! 12 euros per person.


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