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Amorgos, Grèce

Greece 5 days - September 2019











We continue our discovery of all shades of the colour blue with Amorgos, the island where was shot the Big Blue!

From Sifnos it will take us 5 hours by boat to reach the most oriental island of the Cyclades

Upon our arrival we are struck by the wind that ... whip our hair! Wind gusts up to 95 km / h, the boats of the following days will all be canceled! (And our scooter rides too, it's way too dangerous ....)


Based in Aegiali, we begin the adventure with a hike to the village of Tholariou, located in the hills and offering a beautiful view of the bay of Aegiali. White houses, blue shutters, pink bougainvillea, we find what charms us so much in the Cyclades.

On our way back, grilled anchovies and sardines, moussaka and Greek salad on the seafront, we love it. At dinner, beautiful sunset.

A few kilometers further is Chora, a charming typical village in height (the wind blows even stronger!) where we lose ourselves several times in its tiny and sprawling streets. The 360 degrees ​​view of the surrounding area and the mills is amazing. And let's talk about restaurants and the fantastic Konstantinos Tavern. Beetroot risotto, cheese balls with yogurt, barbecue grilled sardines. We love Greece!


At its feet is the Chozoviotissa Monastery, the oldest Byzantine settlement in the Cyclades. Dug into the cliff, we visit this unusual religious place that reminds us of Tigray churches in Ethiopia! Monks live there all year and we imagine they particularly enjoy the views: mountains and deep blue sea water, what more can you ask to meditate?


Below, the beach Agia Anna. Translucent water, this little cove is beautiful! (and is a nudist beach again to our biggest surprise).

From the Monastery, we continue our ascent, 15 kilometers across the mountain, on the cliffs, overlooking the island to return to Aegiali. Our only encounters: many goats!

We had to give up renting a rental scooter or quad that may take us to another island with wind gusts so powerful, we will hire a car instead and visit the south of the island. This part of the island is desert and we won’t be bothered by tourists or traffic jams, there is nobody in this month of September.

The bay of Kalotaritisa is south of the island and has a small port, some umbrellas, turquoise water, it's cute and very quiet.

Not far away is the wreck of the Big Blue, broken by the tides.

Finally we will end our stay in Mouros, a cute creek where the water is still translucent.

Again a beautiful discovery where we ate well, hiked a lot and discovered an authentic local life and hasn’t changed due to tourism! A delight !

Some recommendations:

# to get there from Sifnos: Sea jet ferry, 5 hours for 70 euros per person. On the way back to Athenes, Blue Star ferry for 38 euros in economy (plastic stools on the pontoon, we will take seats in the business class with comfortable chairs…!)

# we were staying in Aegiali all the way north, in Galaxidia Hotel. Very nice apartment for 45 euros per night.

# car rental for 24 hours at FMG. Very good. 30 euros per 24 hours (15 for scooter and 25 for quad).

# restaurants: Chora: do not miss the Konstantinos Tavern. A treat and very reasonable prices.

# There are some buses but out of season,not so frequent ... between 1.8 and 2.5 euros the ticket.

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Oct 2, 2019 - 08:25 AM

quelle beauté ! ça a l'air succulent tout ça Angie