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Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Guatemala 1 day - January 2018





From San Pedro we went to the biggest local market in Guatemala: Chichicastenango , nicknamed Chichi.
Every Thursdays and Sundays farmers and weavers from all over the region drive to Chichi to sell their products.
The little town is literally covered by little stalls with food, live/dead chicken, shoes, traditional dresses, batteries and a part a bit more touristy with weaved purses, hammocks and clothes.
We also saw some religious ceremony with some shaman putting smokes around somebody to clean him from his sins.

One sound I will remember: the ladies clapping to prepare the tortillas! Cedric couldn’t resist clapping with them !

We just loved it ! A great day filled with colours and looking at the folklore.

Some recommandations:
# to go by yourself from San Pedro (with road closed): take a boat to Pana, then a bus to Los Encuentros and finally one to Chichi.
We took a shuttle as it was only 2 AUD more compared to the budget solution. 100 QTZ return shuttle. It takes around 2h from San Pedro.

#negotiate every product ! It's part of the folklore and a game.




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