Travel article: Pure Bliss in Playa Popoyo- Le bonheur est a Playa Popoyo!

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Popoyo, Nicaragua

Nicaragua 4 days - February 2018










After 2 months and a half without being at the beach we clearly missed it. Looks like our 7 years in Australia had a bigger influence on us than we originally thought.
Nicaragua has a long pacific coast with many beaches more or less developed.
We picked Playa Popoyo , a surfer paradise, with only a few hotels and restaurants and accessible only by unsealed roads preventing too much tours and people to come.
Best decision we took! We spent 4 days in paradise, surfing (trying to at least), walking long hours on the beach, relaxing, admiring sunsets and working a bit.
With 300 days of good swell a year, surfers from all over the world (and especially Italians who settle down there permanently) flew to Popoyo to our biggest delight. We spent hours watching them catching a wave dreaming I could do the same (but I officially gave up, surf is not for me!) Cedric did try for 5 hours and managed to stand up many times ! 
Our only concern during 4 days: avoid getting burnt by the sun and the sand. What a hard life. ( Big fail for me though as my feet got burnt above and underneath by sun and sand causing me having an oedema for the next 4 days!)
4 days in what we can call paradise. We had the beaches to ourselves, we had the best burger with blue cheese on our doorstep, the sun was shining, the surfers were putting a show and we just had to enjoy!
We will be back one day Popoyo , we loved you !
# from Rivas, we convinced 2 girls to share a taxi with us. 80kms in 1h30 for 25 USD.
# to go back to Rivas we took the daily chicken  bus at 10.30am from Las Salinas
# we stayed at wild waves and loved it. Private bathroom with hot shower! First time in 2 months of travel!
# beginners can learn surfing in the river during high tide or at Magnific Rocks between low and high tide
# more advanced are at Playa Popoyo


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