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San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Nicaragua 4 days - February 2018






We were sad to leave Playa Popoyo but that's our nomad lifestyle: We can't settle in just one place at the moment !

We headed off to San Juan del Sur still on the Pacific Coast.

We took the public bus from Las Salinas to Rivas and then a chicken bus to San Juan Del Sur.

Let's be honest, it's one of the worst place we've been to so far.

What used to be a fishermen village is now a town invaded by backpackers flying into town for Sunday Funday (a pool party). The beach is not nice, it's super windy and the atmosphere is all about partying and drinking.

One morning we did a hike to the Jesus Statue, it was so windy I thought I would fly away! A nice view on the beaches around.

Another day we took a shuttle to playa Maderas, a beautiful beach ideal for beginner surfers. We walked up to Playa Matilda and it was even better and it reminded us our dear Playa Popoyo.

A good day , getting away of San Juan del sur !

Our only advice here: avoid taking a nap below a palm! We saw a coconut falling from the tree and it almost hit a woman! You have more chance of dying from a coconut falling from a tree than from anything else in Nicaragua !

Some recommandations:

# Chicken Bus Las Salinas to Rivas: 50 cordobas per person

Chicken bus Rivas to San Juan del sur: 45 minutes and 40 cordobas

# we don't recommend San Juan del Sur but the surroundings are nice

# Shuttle to Playa Maderas: $5USD return ticket

# walked to Playa Matilda , it's worth it!





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