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Montezuma, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica

Costa Rica 3 days - March 2018






Montezuma is a hippie/fishermen village located on the southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula. Nicknamed Montefuma (I let you guess why ;) )

On our agenda for  3 days : enjoying the beaches around, the sun, the atmosphere , the waterfall and eating and drinking coconuts.

We didn’t try to surf, I think after so many years in Australia and our last attempt in Playa Popoyo, we are ready to acknowledge that is not for us!

Our favorite beach: Playa Hermosa, south of Montezuma.

And Playa Santa Teresa, 30min from Montezuma.

It’s so hot and so dry in this part of Costa Rica ! They don’t have any raindrop at all during dry season, so different from the Caribbean coast we headed to after. Some locals told us the roads (all unpaved and with big rocks everywhere by the way) were cut because of floods during the rainy season : hummm it’s hard to believe for us, we haven’t seen a land so dry since we started our trip.


We also had our first “Casado” the traditional dish (and equivalent of the Gallo Pinto in Nicaragua!) with Frijoles (beans), Arroz (Rice), Platanos (bananes plantains) and your choice of Chicken, fish or Pork.

Not bad but we are so tired having this for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday !


We really liked our time in the Nicoya Peninsula with kilometres of beaches to ourselves, palms, coconut water straight from the coconut (we understood why locals always carry a machete  to eat coconuts of course !) and the relaxed atmosphere.


Some recommandations:

# Montezuma and the beaches around are super nice. Make sure to have a car to go around as Montezuma is quite small

# a 4x4 is essential , the roads are really bad! Like 1h to do 15 kilometres ...

# we had a traditional Casado.  Good and 4000 colones ($8 usd. Average price in Costa Rica for a basic dish. We miss Mexico and Guatemala for its good food at low prices!


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