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Rio Celeste y Los Teñideros, Alajuela Province, Guatuso, Costa Rica

Costa Rica 3 days - March 2018







Last step in Costa Rica : Rio Celeste!

The road to get to our Airbnb cabana lost in middle of nowhere was so difficult! Unpaved with many holes. 1 Hour to do 4 kilometres !


Rio celeste is located in the Terino National Park and is known for its waterfall.

The legend says that when God created the planet he washed his brushes into the waterfall which explains the water to be turquoise fluo. The scientific reason behind the colour was a bit more convincing: 2 minerals got into contact and caused the water to  change colour.

The hike is not the best we did but the waterfall is amazing. We never saw such a bright blue for a waterfall! Beautiful and captivating.


Our stay into our lost cabana was far from being relaxing with many bugs of the size of a finger getting into the cabana and attacking us. Scary!


Another afternoon we tried to go to the Llanos de Cortes waterfall, located next to Liberia. We only drove 30 kms but saw a big change in landscape : from the green, lush vegetation in Rio celeste to the super dry lands in Liberia, Costa Rica has many ecosystems to offer.

Unfortunately when we arrived there we realised they were closed due to a fire starting close by. Lucky us we didn’t arrive before and got caught into the fire!


Last day in Costa Rica! We took mum to Liberia airport for her to go back to Paris while we drove 300kms to reach the capital San Jose, give back our 4x4, spend the night at the airport and take our flight to our next stop:  beautiful Colombia !


Some recommendations:

# Don’t miss the Rio celeste Waterfall, most beautiful waterfall we ever saw (after Iguazu in Argentina/Brazil!). $15 USD entrance fee.



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