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Santa Fe de Antioquia, Antioquia, Colombia

Colombia 1 day - April 2018







From Medellin we decided to visit another little village -Santa Fe de Antiquioa- 90minutes from the tentacular City.

We left a quite cold city and arrive in temperatures that felt like 50 degrees at least! I was clearly not prepared with my pair of jeans ;)

We had a Menu Del dia with chicken, rice, French fries,pasta, patacones (plantain fried twice...) and a juice. Yes Rice, French fried and pasta in the same plate!


If the food didn’t convince us at least we loved the atmosphere of the village.

We discovered a super nice pueblo with locals still wearing cowboy hats and moving around with horses. A big church dominates the main square where people gather every afternoon and night, where grandpa remke the world and where everybody fight to get a seat in the shade. All the colonial houses are white and well preserved.

Clearly way more authentic than Guatape, we loved it! Don’t miss this amazing Pueblo.


Some Recommandations:

# way more authentic than Guatape, don’t miss it!

# a bus leaves every hour or so from Terminal Norte. 9,000 pesos per person

# a couple of hours is enough to visit it.

# we didn’t walk to the bridge which apparently is impressive


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