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Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Japan 1 day - December 2016







Kamakura is only 1h from Tokyo and is a perfect day-trip to relax from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.

It’s a small town where all the temples are only a walking-distance from each other. We’ve started with one of the Biggest Buddha we’ve seen during this trip: the Great Buddha (or Kotoku-in). Built from Bronze in the 13th century, his head is quite impressive and they had to reinforce it to protect it from earthquakes. He also has massive flip-flops for his big foot (bigger foot than Cedric’s , can you believe it?!)

We then had lunch in a Okonomiyaki restaurant. You can cook your own omelette on a grill, sitting on the floor like a real Japanese. This is delicious and became one of my favourite dish in Japan! I definitely recommend it.

And to finish the day we then went to the Hasedera temple, the most beautiful temple we got to see in Japan. Amazing architecture, not as many tourists as the Great Buddha, view on the sea, autumn leaves, a lot of small details so typical in the Japanese aesthetics, this is a must-do in Kamakura! We’ve also tried Dango (sweet skewers) but  they are not my favourite.


We’ve just did these 2 visits but there are many more to do in Kamakura and we will be back during our next trip :)



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