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Barichara, Santander, Calle 5, Barichara, Santander, Colombia

Colombia 1 day - April 2018







After our amazing trip to a remote part of Colombia -La Guajira- we got ready for the longest bus trip we’ve done in this trip: 18 hours !

Surprisingly we slept quite well for the first 12 hours but the last ones were awful: thousand of tight bends in the mountains... with beautiful views on the canyon yes but with dizziness and nausea. How nice is it to travel the world ?!


We arrived in San Gil welcomed by Florie, our lovely friend we met in Nicaragua 2 months ago!

First stop: Barichara . In the middle of the mountains stand a little village where time seems to stand still. Locals are wearing cowboy hats and boots, they seem to do nothing but drink coffee on the main square. All the houses are white with orange roofs and the roads are paved with argile stones, which made the village look like European like Italian or Andalusian. We loved wandering around, just exploring and looking at houses and locals killing time.

It quickly created a sense of serenity.

Clearly the most beautiful village of Colombia !


Some recommendations

# don’t miss it, it’s beautiful!

# from San Gil, one hour of colectivo to reach Barichara 5,000 pesos each way

# we spent one afternoon and it was enough to go around




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Bruno Berthier
Feb 9, 2019 - 06:36 PM

Oui, c'est vraiment un magnifique village, très apaisant