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San Gil, Santander, Colombia

Colombia 3 days - April 2018






Still in the
Santander region, we made a quick stop in San Gil. The main reason we got there was to do some paragliding !

We had perfect views on top of the Chichamocha Canyon. This canyon is the the second deepest in the world with its 2000m after Grand Canyon in the USA.   What a nice feeling is to fly! So scary when you have to run and jump into the canyon but then it’s pure bliss ! So funny to play with the winds and get up and down for 30 minutes.

We all loved it even though Cédric and Florie wished we got closer to the canyon . Such a cool experience !


Some recommandations:


# we booked with San Gil Paragliding , 150,000 pesos per person

# in San Gil there is not much to do despite paragliding and rafting so if you’re not planning to do that type of activities no need to come here

# we had an amazing burger at Gringo Mike for 19,000 pesos each.

# there is a good Menu del Dia on top of one of the restaurant on the main plaza, ask the locals they will redirect you there !


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