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Trip story: Discovering The Americas in 6 months!

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Los Angeles, CA, USA

United States 4 days - April 2018






Final stop on the American continent on our way back to Europe: Los Angeles ! it was way cheaper to go to LA , spend a few days and then fly to Europe than flying direct Bogota-Paris. Well good opportunity to go to LA then !


14 hours later we arrive in LA and pick our rental car, we’ve been surprised as we arrived to the parking and we could pick any car we wanted (in our price category, we didn’t end up with a Maclaren unfortunately ;) )


Well it will be a short blog post: we didn’t like Los Angeles at all... I think we were expecting a liveable city with the Beach, nice suburbs and nice healthy food and atmosphere (a bit like Sydney) but the only thing we saw was: want-to-be famous people, homeless people and traffic.

We sure took nice pictures of the beach and palms , we played basketball and skated the most famous beach in LA: Venice beach, we walked the Santa Monica pier, we had nice burgers at in-n-out and liked the view from the Griffith Observatory . We saw many amazing villas in Beverly Hills, luxury shops and restaurants but we couldn’t stop thinking how big and superficial it was. And it’s heartbreaking to see so many homeless people everywhere ...


Not a highlight for us and a bit sad to finish the first part of this trip on this note but that’s the travel life : not everything can be perfect! And one thing is for sure: it suffered by comparison with our beautiful Sydney we are happy we picked 8 years ago when we decided to live abroad !


Bye bye The Americas! Time to enjoy Europe for 6 months now and eat eat eat as much as we can !


Some recommandations:

#we rented a room in a Airbnb located in Mar vista and it’s the perfect suburb to go around easily (with a car)

# rent a car, it’s hard to go around with public transport and it’s a huge city (18.5m inhabitants !)

# don’t spend too much time here and go discover the National Parks !




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