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Salzburg, Austria

Austria 1 day - August 2018







Short day trip to Abersee lake and Salzburg !

Abersee lake is famous with locals and is huge ! After Hintersee, Eibsee, Konigsee and Obersee, we got a good panels of lake and this one is nice but not the most beautiful one. We still like the paddle boarders and the many nuances of green (this time. All the other lakes were more like blue !)


We didn’t stay long as we wanted to enjoy Salzburg and discover Mozart’s life (and the sound of music settings !)

Salzburg is quite small and is really photogenic. Little houses with pastel colours, many back alleys, a canal, a lot of castles, royal palaces and churches , it looks really nice ! (Probably why it is part of the Unesco heritage list ! One more ticked for us, I wonder how many places are on this list! Can we add the amazing pizzeria we had lunch on the list ?!)


We wandered around Getreidegasse street and saw Mozart’s house (not really fancy !), the Saint-Rupert Cathedral - spectacular !-  the main plaza : Dom Quarter and finally Mirabelle castle and the amazing gardens !


We didn’t attend a concert as Cédric has enough with 4 concerts a year offered by the orchestra I’m playing with ;)


Another great day !


Some recommandations:

# we felt one day was enough as it’s quite small.

# it’s beautiful but really touristy.

# easy to combine with the Konigsee /Obersee lakes for a weekend.

#L’Osteria pizza is really good and offers 7euros pizza and they are huge !!!

# we didn’t go to Hohensalzburg castle but the view from it is apparently nice



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