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Trip story: Hong Kong une jungle Urbaine- Hong Kong The Urban Jungle

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong 2 days - June 2017



In June 2017 I’ve been really lucky to be sent to Hong Kong for work.

Before travelling to HK my image of the city was limited to building and shopping malls. A big urban jungle perfect for businessmen.

I had one day off work to change that perception and I made the most of it! (I walked a semi-marathon on that day !)

Arriving early on Sunday I’ve left my luggage at the hotel and went straight to the Victoria Peak (or The Peak, the Chinese authorities trying to get rid of the British legacy)

After a short Tram ride I literally had my heads in the cloud ! They covered most of the city but you could still see how big & tall it was.

I was also really surprised to discover that the city was surrounded by the jungle ! It's when I realised the image of urban jungle i had was not just a metaphor.

I left The Peak intrigued by what I just saw and decided to head to the Ten Thousand Buddhas monastery. Located in the new territories and built in 1957 the monastery offers nice view on the city as well.

There are 400 steps to climb to reach the Pagoda and many gold Buddhas will pave your way up. They are quite funny, in different position and with different expressions on their faces. A must-see in Hong Kong.

The 35 degrees left me quite dehydrated (I was also sweating and my face was so red but it didn't stop some Asian tourists asking for a picture with me…) so on my way back to the train station I’ve stopped to have some Dim sum and Bubble tea. My mouth still remembers it, the food was one of the highlight of that trip!

Speaking of food, I’ve made a beginner mistake for my first Dim sum experience in HK -mistake I only discovered the day after when I had lunch with my coworkers. I’ve been served some hot water which I thought was for drinking but is in reality to wash your chopsticks and bowl :)

HK is also known for its many markets in Kowloon. Birds markets, ladies market, Jade market , sneakers market, Goldfish market, Flowers market , it’s like you’ve landed on eBay !

My hotel being on the main island I took the Star Ferry to cross and discovered one of the most impressive skyline I’ve ever seen! The lights, the skyscrapers, all the people, I felt so small and amazed.

I finished the night in a rooftop hotel (Woolloomooloo Bar) which offers the perfect view on the urban jungle (the metaphor this time).

1 day and 21kms later I’ve had a good overview of Hong Kong but I'm still intrigued and hope to come back one day to keep discovering the jungle and the coastline this time !



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