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Hall in Tirol, Austria

Austria 1 day - July 2018








The Tyrol in Austria is all about mountains, hiking and typical little villages.

We stayed in Innsbruck with our hippies roommate and took this opportunity to visit Mutters, a quiet village with beautiful wooden houses, balconies with red and purple bougainvillea, maiz fields , all surrounded by the valley.

Mutters won the cutest village award and we sure understood why!

I’m sure it’s even more beautiful during winter surrounded by snow.


We then went to Hall. It looked like an Italian village but the people speaking German reminded us we were in Austria.

The streets are all with cobblestones, the buildings have many different bright colours and the church is impressive for such a small village. Many gold ornaments, a big dome, many stained-glass window . The only thing we didn’t understand is why the architect decided to not align the altar with the rest of the church. Make it hard to take photos with a bit of symmetry sense ! Weird but interesting .

We treated ourselves with a tasty ice-cream and that was the end of our day in the Tyrol villages !




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