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Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka 2 days - December 2018






Our last day in Sri Lanka and Asia has come! We leave early for Mirissa, a popular seaside resort. This will bring us closer to Colombo.
As usual, we land on the side of the road, we wait less than a minute, a bus passes, we waves for it, it slows down, we tell our destination and we jump in!
It's gone for 2 hours of road for a fare breaking all records: 221 rupees per person. (less than 1 euro!).
We had one afternoon in Mirissa and that was enough. We already miss our paradise Amanwella. The seaside resort is popular with tourists of all nationalities. We make a small walk of 2 hours along the beach to reach THE spot for sunset. For an hour the colors change, the surfers take waves, we are under the palm trees, life is beautiful.

To return to the hostel 2kms that will be done by bus: not really in the bus: I'm on the steps, Cedric has his feet on the steps but the whole body outside the bus and two Sri Lankan are still behind him, we keeps wondering how they held!

The next day, departure for the airport- 6h public bus by 35 degrees, driving way too fast. This is not the end of our adventures, back in India for 5 hours, we are put in a supervised room (a kind of jail ...!) because we could not enter the Indian territory again. After 5 hours of waiting, it is escorted that we crossed the security passages.

Goodbye Sri Lanka, we were surprised by this country so small but has everything to offer! Culture, nature, mountains, safari, beaches there is something for everyone. The Sri Lankans are very nice and curious, the food is to die for! But a little issue: the country becomes really touristy (and we were there off-season!), it is time to go before it experiences the same fate as its neighbors in Southeast Asia.

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Un pays qui me tente ! bise