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Massif du Brandberg, Namibie

Namibia 2 days - May 2019








We head to Damaraland now! This region is quite desertic again (we are still in Namibia we remind you) but offers somewhat different landscapes: rocky massifs!

The opportunity to take the main axis (so paved!) is here so we do not bother going on tracks this time.  Our little city car keeps holding it!


The landscapes are this time more hilly but still arid. An important drought has affected Namibia for 7 years already and an emergency plan has just been launched...


In the midst of these desert plains we can see from far away the granite mountain Spitzkoppe. 1784 meters high, with red-orange rocks.


The geological structures instantly remind us of the American Wild West. No cowboys or Indians here but many Himbas on the side of the road trying to catch tourists. Poverty is striking ...


Some massive structures consist of a single impressive rock with some rock balls also laid here delicately. And in the middle, natural pools (dry when we were there).

The Spitzkoppe has also a natural arch. Magnificent.

We feel very small in this Wild West Namibian (or Far East should I say!)

Then we reach the Brandberg region. Tonight we sleep in a safari tent, camping style!

Like the Spitzkoppe, the Brandberg massif is visible from very, very far, the surrounding landscape is flat, just flat. At a height of 2573 meters, it dominates Namibia.

Brandberg means mountain of fire in Afrikaner but the Damara people call it Burning Mountain and the Hereros, Mountain of the Gods.

We will call it Beautiful Orange Mountain and walk for 2 hours on its lands to visit the White Lady.

It is a rock painting painted more than 2000 years ago and surrounded by about fifty representations. Let's be clear she is not white and above all she is not a woman! (It is quite clear why she is not a woman). The origin of this error? A German explorer who apparently knows neither his genders nor his colors.

Hunter or shaman we are still not sure yet. However we see many Oryx, zebra and impala and there is no doubt what they are.

End of this historical parenthesis, we leave on the tracks again not without trying to abandon my mother in the middle of the desert, a test worthy of the TV Show Pekin express ;) did we succeed? To be continued in the next episode !


Some recommendations:

# so far so good, the tracks are drivable with a small city car.

# we have rented a small car for 50 days at 11 euros per day (including border crossing fees) Good surprise, these fees are unique and do not take into account the number of borders crossed! We will therefore pay 175 Euros less than expected!

# We stayed in Uis at the Brandberg Rest Camp for 30 euros per night the safari tent. Good experience.

# the second night was spent at Okambishi's Rest, superb 2 bedroom apartment (6 adults) for 100 euros per night.

# entrance to Spitzkoppe and Brandberg: 80 Namibian dollars per person. A guide is required for the Brandberg, included in the price.



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Jun 20, 2019 - 06:12 PM

Magnifiques paysages.


Paul Mérouze
Jun 25, 2019 - 11:12 AM

toujours aussi magnifique, bon vent aux voyageurs.


lukas mungolo
Feb 14, 2023 - 07:26 AM

how many tourist have visited brand berg in 2019